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  • Division 26 Clothing Co-Founder Eric "EC"Carter Takes The 2008 USA Pro National Dual Slalom Title!

    Posted on July 22, 2008 by fsdmusic

    A huge shoutout to D26 Co-Founder and Mongoose Pro for putting yet another feather in his cap of accomplishments. Not only has he been killing it in BMX and MTB for over 20 years he continues to prove he can win on any given day. He showed the young up and comers what a true veteran does by lulling them to sleep in the early rounds and straight sticking it to them in the final rounds.

    On the slalom track Eric Carter took the win over Geritt Beytagh today to claim his 2008 USA National Dual Slalom title. Gerrit took out Chris Herndon, number 1 qualifier, then Chris Van Dine to advance. Eric Carter took it easy and didn’t turn it on until the final and blew Gerrit away. We couldn't be happier for EC and well hold down the D26 fort while your out doing what you do best!

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  • D26 Devoted Team Riders Justin Wyche and Kevin Aiello Put the smackdown on Deer Valley!

    Posted on July 8, 2008 by fsdmusic

    Justin found himself at home and ahead of other D26 riders on the Deer Valley, Utah course for the National Mountain Bike Series #4 June 27-29, 2008.

    Race 7 - June 28: Non-Pro Dual Slalom Finals


    Expert junior U18
    1 Mitch Ropelato (USA) Factory Staats
    2 Justin Wyche (USA) Division 26 Clothing
    3 Troy Delia (USA) Foes/AJS Bikes
    4 Kevin Aiello (USA) Yeti So Cal/Division 26 Clothing
    5 Mike Cousimano (USA) Division 26 Clothing/SBF  

    Race 3 - June 28: Expert Downhill Finals


    Expert Junior Men U16

    1 Evan Powell (USA) The Fix              
    2 Justin Wyche (USA)Division 26 Clothing
    Expert Junior Men U18
    1 Kevin Aiello (USA) Yeti So Cal/ Division 26 Clothing 

    Justins Race report

    I just competed at the Deer Valley norba. This was the hardest course I have ever ridden in my life. The combination of loose rocks, steep descents, and drops made this my course of choice. It suited me very well because I have been riding on steep rough trails my whole life. The course started out with a high speed fire road section that went into the mini niagara falls (a steep rock garden) which then goes back into the trees. Almost right after that you have to go through the barney ruble rock section. After this section in my race run I hit a tree and crashed. I didn’t loose too much time so I still pushed on. About 30 or so seconds after this was the bed rock drop. It consists of a 10 foot drop with a rock lip. After this there are the switch backs and then a final drop to the finish. Right before the final drop there was a silly loose tight corner that I washed out in and lost all my speed. I sprinted to the finish and wound up in second place. I then raced in the dual slalom and received 2nd place again. I competed in Jr.X 16 and under in the Dh and Jr.X 18 and under in the dual slalom. I am now in the lead for points in the Jr.X category overall.


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