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  • Grinding It Out!

    Posted on April 22, 2009 by fsdmusic

    We want to show you a glimpse of what its like inside the D26 machine. In addition to lots of fun being able to be involved in the sports we love, it’s a huge amount of work especially for a small rider owned company like ours.

    We are literally still in the garage (Yes the one I cant even park my car in because its filled with Division 26 stuff.) and everything we do is done with lots of passion and hard work. It's important to support small brands especially with the economy the way it is. There are no loans, banks or corporate boardrooms behind our label. We do almost everything that is put into getting our product out the door.

    Here are a few pictures of us making stickers and sewing our labels into shirts. It’s a family operation for riders by riders and we appreciate your support!

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  • New shipment has arrived with lot's more stuff in stock!

    Posted on April 22, 2009 by fsdmusic

    So we're excited to announce a new shipment of Hoodies, Beanies and tees has arrived! so make you way to the store and get hooked up with some new gear! We will also launch a few new flex-fit hats this week to keep you satisfied until the new Future Fitted hats arrive.

    Thanks for your support of the line and Force the Future Honor the Past!


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