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  • Killer Skye Schillhammer Video Clip

    Posted on August 19, 2010 by fsdmusic

    Cool video from Transition bikes filmed by Ben White and featuring Division 26 team rider Skye Schillhammer. Skyes one of our favorite riders and the terrain where he rips is just unmatched. Great job guys!

    Check out Transition Bikes

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  • What a Crazy Couple of Weeks!

    Posted on August 17, 2010 by fsdmusic

    It's been insane around here lately! We started out last month when we moved warehouses to a great new spot in Torrance, CA and since then it’s been PEDAL TO THE METAL! We hit the streets running with X-Games, US Open of Surf and put the finishing touches on a bunch of new designs just in time for the Bi-Annual ASR (Action Sports Retail) trade show this past weekend. I even managed to sneak in a DH run at my local spot before me and my family move houses this week.

    The work never ends, but it’s worth it when I see our threaded message in full glory on your chest and in your hearts. It’s amazing to me when I look back and see how far we've traveled. What started as an idea and a passion for giving hard core downhill mountain bikers and dirt jumpers a voice of their own and a fresh style blending the organic dirt side with the truly dirty side of the street has truly taken on a life of its own.

    As the brand continues to evolve we continue to stay true to our roots with all things hardcore bikes and also embrace the sports that have meant so much to us growing up. I remember pounding nails with D26 partner Adam Wester for hours shaping masonite (or skate light as it’s called now) making our first mini-ramp over 20 years ago. I guess it wasn’t so mini, by the time we were done, it was 22ft wide with 8ft decks and a parking block we stole from the local grocery store inset for epic blunts to fakie and smooth manual to roll ins from the deck. Man we cut our teeth on hard work and good times on that ramp dreaming about the search for Animal Chin, and we bring that same focus and desire to the clothes we make today.

    Growing up in Utah with the epic wonderland as our backyard we spent our winters hiking the backcountry, making kickers and riding some of the most amazing snow around only to find ourselves at the forefront of a new sport exploding before our eyes. Snowboarding soon took our lives over as we pushed ourselves to progress not only our riding, but acceptance of the sport we loved. We all know how that ended its HUGE now, and I can’t help but think we had a little something to do with it.

    After I moved to LA to chase my music dreams and toured the country for years laying down bass lines alongside some amazing musicians, I found myself searching for that reconnection to my adrenaline filled side and mountain biking filled that void. It was the closest thing to the feeling that snowboarding and skateboarding had given me in the past. The way you attack the mountain, find your flow and push your comfort zone it’s amazing!

    I share this with you only to give you a glimpse inside the machine. To see what Division 26 is all about. We are about the connection to the sports you love on a personal level. The space between that nobody else sees, except for those who do what we do. Action sports serve as a conduit to all things bigger than us. Call it what you will it’s a feeling I can’t explain and don’t have to, I know you feel it too.

    Force the Future Honor the Past


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