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  • Red Bull Final Decent

    Posted on September 27, 2010 by longnguyen

    Hey Everyone,

    Sorry for the late post. But two weeks ago I was in Winter Park, Colorado for the Red Bull Final Decent. It is a 12-hour Enduro Downhill race. I was working for Red Bull that weekend and I knew it was going to be a long day (7am-7pm). Shooting was tough because Winter Park isn’t quit the most photogenic place. But I got it done and the event was a success. You guys can check out the press release and photos on


    Tune in soon. I leave for Red Bull Rampage in two days. It is going to be one crazy weekend. The build up is defiantly suspenseful.

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  • Check Out Fresh New Men's Tee Designs on our Website!

    Posted on September 15, 2010 by D26

    So we opened the design flood gates with tons of fresh new tees for you to choose from. After more than three years of bringing you inspired designs, I think we have hit our stride and are offering you the best stuff we've ever dreamed up.  Let us know whats your favorite. Girls stuff is also dropping this week so stay tuned. Check out the new stuff HERE.

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  • Team Rider CJ Russell In The New Thrasher Magazine!

    Posted on September 13, 2010 by D26

    CJ Russell is in this months Thrasher magazine wearing our Tech Square Tee doing a killer crooked grind. Its always nice to see our riders getting some exposure on the national scene and CJ continues to kill it for us. Stay tuned for more to come about CJ in the future.

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  • MSC#8 Winter Park Pursuit

    Posted on September 10, 2010 by longnguyen

    It’s been a short, relaxing weekend in Winter Park, Colorado for the last gravity race of the Mountain States Cup Series held over Labor Day weekend. With most people in the industry tuned in to World Champs in Mount Saint Ann, Canada, a small hand-full of competitors were battling for the number one spot in Dual Slalom and Downhill.

    Even with a small turnout, the racing was fantastic and the riders pushed the limits. Since it was the last race of the year, the Pro Men and Junior X riders decided to go chain-less for Downhill finals to spice things up. If you haven’t ever ridden a Trestle Downhill course, it is a 6 to 7 minute pedally track. With no room for error, the riders had to ride smart, and pump as hard as they could.

    Overall, the trip was good. I was able to get some riding in with some friends (which is rare) and was able to relax and just enjoy the race. I hope you enjoy the images below, and stay tuned for more events ahead.


    You can check out the whole story on

    4 IMG_4341

    7 IMG_4794

    IMG_4845-Edit IMG_4905

    9 12

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  • Long Nguyen Photography

    Posted on September 8, 2010 by longnguyen

    Hey everyone! My name is Long Nguyen, and I am an adventure sports photographer. I just got on board with D26 and am super excited. I primarily shoot mountain biking, but I go wherever my camera takes me. My adventures are endless, and I will update everyone on any journey my camera takes me on. You can check out my website at I have added a few images that I have taken recently.


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