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  • We team up with Storenvy for Nif-Tee Thrif-Tee Fif-Tee!

    Posted on June 20, 2012 by D26

    National Tee Shirt Day is a celebration of everyone's wardrobe staple piece the tee shirt. Next to Jeans, socks and underwear (unless your of the free ballin' persuasion) the tee shirt makes up the largest part of our go to clothing options. Why? because they are ultra comfortable and let you express your style like no other piece of clothing.

    This year we have joined forces with store envy to celebrate National Tee Shirt Day between now and June 22nd. Simply visit our storenvy store or visit the Storenvy Nif-Tee, Thrif-Tee, Fif-Tee and pick up the Division 26 Div Skull tee for $10.

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  • We Now Ship Our Clothing Worldwide!

    Posted on June 15, 2012 by D26

    Due to popular demand from the farthest reaches of the dirt planet we now ship our clothing and accessories worldwide! So for all of you asking how to get our stuff in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, South America and beyond we got you covered literally. Visit

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