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  • Fogel's Back With Summer Adventure 3

    Posted on August 29, 2012 by D26

    Division 26 Athlete Jack Fogelquists saga continues, with an unreal summer roadtrip to Teva Games, Victoria, Whistler, the Colorado Freeride Festival, the Bearclaw Invitational, and back to Whistler for Crankworx flying the D26 flag as high as it will go!

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  • James Visser And Tyler Paget Productions Bust Out A Banger New Edit

    Posted on August 22, 2012 by fsdmusic

    Visser dropped his newest edit with a bang today. Busting lots of epic tricks like his Cliffhanger back-flip while sessioning at Woodword West and his own trails in San Diego. He and Tyler Paget did an amazing job and you can tell they spent lots of time putting in the work, behind and in front of the camera. Love seeing the hard work payoff boys and all for our enjoyment. NOW GET OUT AND RIDE!

    You can pick up James Signature Super Flip tee seen in this video HERE for $15 Free Shipping.

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  • D26 Athlete Jack Fogelquist Does Worlds First In Competition flip-xup-onefoot-to-whip at Teva Best Trick

    Posted on August 17, 2012 by D26

    Damn! Fogel is just throwing down right now. Watch the video and see his massive flip-xup-onefoot-to-whip. Not sure how he didn't win, but hes a winner in our book.


    Crankworx 2012 - Teva Best Trick on Pinkbike

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  • D26 Athlete Jack Fogelquist Will Compete in RedBull Joyride 2012

    Posted on August 16, 2012 by D26

    RedBull Joyride and Crankworx is undoubtedly the premiere slopestyle, dirt jump and freeride mountain bike competition on the planet. Think of it as MTB's X-Games, a culmination of progressive MTB athletes pushing themselves and our sport to its limits and beyond.

    This year, Division 26 athlete Jack Fogelquist will be one of only 25 of the worlds best MTB riders competing for their share of the $45,000 in prize money and the glory that is winning the Red Bull Joyride. This is not only a career changing opportunity for riders like Jack, but also a chance for a small core brand like us, to have our threaded message seen on the worlds biggest MTB stage.

    Nothing brings us more joy than to see our athletes "Force The Future" and push themselves to accomplish their dreams. Here's to Jack and all of the D26 athletes who continue to create magic for themselves and for us. KILL IT JACK!

    RedBull Joyride starts Friday Aug 17th with Qualifiers and then the top 8 will move onto the finals on August 18th.



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