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  • Jack Fogelquist and Team Take 1st Place at Goldman Games up in Bend, Oregon

    Posted on May 30, 2013 by D26

    Division 26 athlete Jack Fogelquist and team comes out on top at this years Goldman Games created and hosted by world class rider Jamie Goldman. This years event was a ton of fun with a truly unique format, which was a game changer for sure.  Riders would be split into random teams and have three days to film and edit a seven minute themed video.  Jack said "I had butterflies when we got there; the same butterflies you get when your fifth-grade teacher begins to read the years seating chart. Everyone’s name was in a hat, and the filmers lined up.  One by one, the riders were called, and I ended up with Carson Storch, R-Dog, Max Kauert, Jordie Lunn, Lorny, Sam Dueck, and Garret Robertson." As you can tell from Jacks description this was not your ordinary contest format.

    They were quick to come up with a theme; mock all the latest trends in mountain biking.  Strava, Throwback Thursdays, First Try Fridays, Power Hours, the FMB, World’s Firsts, claiming tricks, the list went on.  The plan was to create an edit that was raw and focused on fun, because that’s the reason that we all ride.  The teams were set loose on Bend at dawn, and it was a jam-packed three days fill with hard riding, funny skits, great food, and sabotage. Way to go guys you did us proud.


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