Another Sunny Day at Beacon Video

Posted on February 21, 2011 by D26 There have been 0 comments

About a week ago Steve Tenuto and I started planning to do another film session at Beacon Hill since last years "Sunny Day at Beacon" was such a huge hit. In SDaB #1, I rode with Taylor Curtis and Joe Perizzo, although sadly Joe couldnt make it out this time so Taylor and I tore it up DH'er vs DJ'er style. Its really fun to train that close to someone who rides a completely different style and having two contrasting viewpoints helps with getting good angles for the shots. Steve Tenuto put this vid together in less than a day and he did an amazing job. One problem with filming at Beacon is the uneven light filtering through the trees, but Steve is dedicated to waiting for the right lighting even if that means sitting for 30 minutes for a cloud to pass. This spring we plan on making a few trips around the NW for filming so get excited for those to come out in the following months! Hope you enjoy :)

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