• Catching up with Pro DH Racer Dillon Lemarr

    Posted on April 6, 2011 by longnguyen

    This past weekend I was able to catch up with new Division 26 rider Dillon Lemarr. Dillon came to Albuquerque over the weekend to get some time on his brand new Devinci Wilson. Welcome to the team and good luck this season.


    Dillon Jared Lemarr

    Where are you from?
    Amarillo, Texas

    Tell us about yourself?
    I am 19 years old and i started racing mountain bikes when i was 16. I rode and raced moto since i was 3 and raced BMX until i was 12. I got into riding bikes from my older brother Ryan who also use to race downhill. I have lived in Amarillo, Texas my whole life. It has been hard to become a professional downhill racer living here because it is so flat, but i make the best of it and work with what i got. I love traveling, i kinda have to if i want to ride good downhill courses. Haha. I just want to keep riding my bikes, train hard, and have as much fun as possible while doing it.


    What is your discipline?
    Downhill, 4X, Dual Slalom

    What were your accomplishments last season?
    Cat 1 MSC overall series champion
    3rd place at National Championships, Cat1 Downhill
    2nd place at National Championships, Cat1 4X
    1st place Crankworx Colorado, 4X Cat 1
    1st place Crankworx Colorado, DH Cat 1
    1st place Parajito Punishment, DH Cat 1
    2nd place 12 hour downhill, winter park. PRO
    1st place 12 hour downhill, angel fire. PRO
    3rd place Tripple Dhip. Cat1

    NCAA Womans Basketball 2011 - Mar 21 - NCAA Tournament - Kentucky at North Carolina

    How was the off-season?
    It went very good. I have been training hard and getting ready for this up coming season. I have never trained for racing, so it is a huge difference than just riding my bike to get ready for races. And now racing at the pro level, being in shape plays a huge role in racing. I can already tell a huge difference in my riding now that i am getting more into shape. The new Devinci Wilson is riding awesome and i feel really comfortable on the bike. I believe that if i keep training hard, build my endurace, get more skills on and off the bike, and find the right people to help me out, i can be on the podium in no time.

    NCAA Womans Basketball 2011 - Mar 21 - NCAA Tournament - Kentucky at North Carolina

    Now that you have upgraded to pro what have you been doing to prepare for the upcoming 2011 season?
    Lots of hours in the gym and on the spin bike. I don't have an XC or road bike, so i ride alot on my dirt jumper and downhill bike. I am starting to ride XC on my downhill bike, just stiffen up the suspension and go. Haha Gotta make the best of what i got to work with.

    Where can we see you rocking the D26 gear this up coming season?
    All of the Mountain States Cups, Tahoe GRT, Creste Butte GRT, Solvista Tripple Dhip, Crankworx Whistler and Crankworx Colorado, Camp of Champions, and lots of other races in between that I will keep posted.

    NCAA Womans Basketball 2011 - Mar 21 - NCAA Tournament - Kentucky at North Carolina

    NCAA Womans Basketball 2011 - Mar 21 - NCAA Tournament - Kentucky at North Carolina

    Any Shout outs?

    My mom and dad for being so supportive, Division 26(Dale Rowley), Dave Lee for all the help he has given me, Demon Dirt(Nick Moore), Royal Racing Gear, Bikeworks of Albuquerque, Five-10, and Camp of Champions



    NCAA Womans Basketball 2011 - Mar 21 - NCAA Tournament - Kentucky at North Carolina

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  • Red Bull Rampage

    Posted on October 6, 2010 by longnguyen

    That’s a rap; Red Bull Rampage goes down in to the history books and is one of the most recognized mountain bike events to have ever lived. The boundaries of riders were pushed to the limit, and the progression of the sport will only grow larger. With the season pretty much coming to a close, it will be interesting to see how the riders will push the limits of the sport next year.

    Division 26 team rider Wil White at 16 years old was the youngest rider ever at Redbull Rampage this year and was just shy of making the final day, but he charged it like a madman and will be back next year to go bigger and reach his goals!

    Here are some of my favorite images







    Also Here is shot of D26 rider Wil White killing it at Rampage.


    You guys can check out more images HERE

    Or you can check out my other blog with my full Rampage Right up HERE

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  • MSC#8 Winter Park Pursuit

    Posted on September 10, 2010 by longnguyen

    It’s been a short, relaxing weekend in Winter Park, Colorado for the last gravity race of the Mountain States Cup Series held over Labor Day weekend. With most people in the industry tuned in to World Champs in Mount Saint Ann, Canada, a small hand-full of competitors were battling for the number one spot in Dual Slalom and Downhill.

    Even with a small turnout, the racing was fantastic and the riders pushed the limits. Since it was the last race of the year, the Pro Men and Junior X riders decided to go chain-less for Downhill finals to spice things up. If you haven’t ever ridden a Trestle Downhill course, it is a 6 to 7 minute pedally track. With no room for error, the riders had to ride smart, and pump as hard as they could.

    Overall, the trip was good. I was able to get some riding in with some friends (which is rare) and was able to relax and just enjoy the race. I hope you enjoy the images below, and stay tuned for more events ahead.


    You can check out the whole story on

    4 IMG_4341

    7 IMG_4794

    IMG_4845-Edit IMG_4905

    9 12

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  • Long Nguyen Photography

    Posted on September 8, 2010 by longnguyen

    Hey everyone! My name is Long Nguyen, and I am an adventure sports photographer. I just got on board with D26 and am super excited. I primarily shoot mountain biking, but I go wherever my camera takes me. My adventures are endless, and I will update everyone on any journey my camera takes me on. You can check out my website at I have added a few images that I have taken recently.


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