Becky Gardner

Athlete Overview

Name: Becky Gardner
Age: 22
Hometown: Marlboro, NY
Discipline: DH, Just started racing DS and 4X.
Sponsors:Division 26 Clothing, Kona Bicycles,Beacon Cycles, Hayes Bicycle Group, Maxxis, Smith Optics, ODI,and SDG.
Links: Beckys Team Facebook


Athlete Interview

When did you start riding About three years ago, and started racing 2 years ago.

What other action sports roots do you have? I was really into snowboarding as a kid. I wasn't into xc or bmx until after I started riding mountain bikes. In high school I was at the mountain shredding all winter long. Snowboarding is all about style, flow, and feeling the surface your riding on. Caring over what I know from Snowboarding has helped me progress fast on my bike.

Wheres your favorite place to ride? My local trails in Beacon, best trails ever! And my local mountain Diablo, Dominan to ripper all day long!

Wheres your favorite place to race? Everywhere! However you can't beat an East Coast rock garden. The Us open course has to be one of my favorites for sure.

If you weren't riding, what would an ideal day be? In the winter sleeping in late and spending a day at the mountain, or building a little jib in my yard. In the summer i'm usual riding everyday! ha

Who/What has had the biggest influence on your life? My older brother Ryan (Ryans Also one of D26's Pro Riders and rips!). He got me into riding and is always game to ride with me everyday. Ryan has given me countless biking parts, fixed endless mechanicals, and is my favorite person to argue who spins 3's best on a snowboard.He taught me how to train hard and has been a huge factor with me progressing so fast. I am super lucky because since day one the only people I rode with were my brother, and Diablo locals like Anthony Coneski and Jason Memmelaar. Those guys are always willing to help me and trying to keep up with those guys has greatly influenced my riding.

Who do you most admire in your sport? Why? I admire all the women of the sport that work so hard. Women like Buhl and Harmony that are trying to make a name for american women in the mostly European dominate sport. Hopefully we can see more women podiums at world cups!

What next for you? Next year i'll be racing all the national races and some world cups. I'll be training hard over winter and we will see what happens. Im also trying to get more into dirt jumping,I think it would be awesome to get more girls to explore the creative side of biking.

Favorite band(s) Music: Le Tigre, Ratatat, and The Black Keys

What is your favorite thing from Division 26? The Tech Logo shirt and my D26 Bomber hat!!!!!

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