Jack Fogelquist

Athlete Overview

Name: Jack Fogelquist
Age: 19
Hometown: Scotts Valley, CA
Discipline: Slope Style, Dirt Jump, Downhill.
Sponsors:Division 26 Clothing, Banshee Bikes, Nuke Proof, X-Fusion Shox, Gamut USA, Geax, Straitline Components, Dirty Dog MTB, Scotts Valley Cycle Sport, Camp of Champions, Demon Dirt.
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Division 26 Jack Fogelquist

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Athlete Interview

When did you start riding I got into mountain biking when riding xc with my dad when I was 12. Then I started getting more into downhill when I was 13 or 14, and dirt jumping at 15.

Do you come from a Moto or BMX background? Nope, just started with mountain bikes and stuck with it!

Wheres your favorite place to ride? Gotta say Post Office, but I do like me some Step-Up when it’s runnin sick in the winter. Then summer comes around and Whistler opens…it’s all too good!

What is your favorite trick? Recently I’ve been having a lot of fun with flip whips, 360 tables, and super seater Indian airs! Flip whips just feel so satisfying, 3 tables feel unreal to get big floaty clicked ones, and super seaters have got to be the funnest extension trick.

If you weren't riding, what would an ideal day be? Man that’s hard haha! If I didn’t ride, it would probably be: wake up feeling good, mess around on the guitar, make some breakfast burritos, do something productive like film friends riding, get an Arizona and a Carnitas Super Burrito or Super Nachos at Taqueria Los Gallos, and end up hanging out with friends for the rest of the day.

Who/What has had the biggest influence on your life? My friends, family, and Jesus have all greatly influenced my life and how I’ve grown up, through their support, guidance, love, and help. I get influenced by friends a ton when riding, as I always get stoked seeing the different styles that we all have, with different takes on tricks and trails. Nothing like an evening session at Post Office with the sun setting behind the hill, the light getting perfect, the radio on our local classic rock station, a burrito in your stomach, and being surrounded with awesome friends all shredding and getting you stoked!

Who do you most admire in your sport? Why? Probably Cam McCaul, as he was one of the first dirt jumpers from here to really make it in the sport. He works hard, but stays modest, and is one of the funniest dudes to be around!

What next for you? This summer! Super excited, leaving in about a week for a couple months of roadtrippin! The general plan is: Teva Games, Jump Ship, chillin with Team Wolf in Whistler, coaching at Camp of Champions, Kokanee Crankworx, Crankworx Colorado, back to Whistler for a bit, and Goatstyle! Way psyched!

Favorite band(s) Music: That’s tough! Gonna have to give it to Lynyrd Skynyrd as my favorite, but I get stoked on most classic rock. Black Key’s are definitely there too!