Skyler Pingree

Athlete Overview

Name: Skyler Pingree
Age: 20
Hometown: Hebber, UT
Discipline: BMX
Sponsors: Division 26 Clothing, 50/50 BMX.
Accomplishments: Won 2010 Gatorade Free Flow Tour Open Class BMX Park.


Division 26 Skyler Pingree

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Athlete Interview

When did you start riding 14

Do you come from a Moto or BMX background? Everything moto and skate and bmx

Wheres your favorite place to ride? As long as Im on my bike I'm having fun!

What is your favorite trick? Going High no footed can's

If you weren't riding, what would an ideal day be? Wake up check emails, go to the lake or something.

Who/What has had the biggest influence on your life? Tate Rofkelly and Nick Fletcher

Who do you most admire in your sport? Why? Mike Aitken because he has over come so much.