James Visser

Athlete Overview

Name: James Visser
Age: 18
Hometown: Ramona, CA
Discipline: MTB Dirtjump, Slopestyle, and Park.
Sponsors:Division 26 Clothing, Ellsworth Bikes, THE, Intense Tire Systems, Loaded Components, Go Pro, Series of 4, The Bike Works.
Links: James Blog, James Pink Bike, Facebook

Athlete Interview

When did you start riding I started riding bikes around age five and just had a ton of fun on bmx bikes, which I rode until about 7th grade when me and my buddy Ryan started wanting to get into downhill. I got my first mountain bike and loved it! I raced the a couple of Fontana races on my Norco A-line and had a lot of fun with that. I then started to jump my bike and started learning tricks really quickly!!! I first started dirt jumping about a year and half ago and have been doing it ever since!!

Do you come from a Moto or BMX background? Yes! I rode BMX a lot until about 7th grade when I made the best switch of my life to MTB!! I also rode moto a lot when I was in 8th grade but slowly got out of it because I simply had more fun on mountain bikes!

Wheres your favorite place to ride? My favorite places to ride are my house, the DD compound, Da compound, Woodward west, and Mammoth Mountain

What is your favorite trick? My favorite trick has got to be a nice superflip. It is a trick that always gets the crowd pumped and it feels amazing!

If you weren't riding, what would an ideal day be? If I wasn’t riding I would probably go fishing and then hang out with friends afterwords!

Who/What has had the biggest influence on your life? My biggest influence have just been my family all the people who support me and most of all God for watching over me!!

Who do you most admire in your sport? Why? All my friends who ride for sure! They are always upbeat and ride for the right reasons… Fun! You see to many riders these days who are just riding to go pro, make money, and get sponsors which in the end just leads to getting burnt out on riding and having it not be fun anymore.

What next for you? I really just want to keep riding and progressing and being a positive influence to young riders coming up. I would really like to do good at all the contest I attend this year especially Crankworx Colorado. If I could qualify for Crankworx Colorado I would be over the moon. My next achievement I would like to fulfill is to get my 360 flips better and I would really like to land at least one double backflip before I die!

Favorite band(s) Music: Rise against, Cage the elephant, 30 seconds to mars